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Services Offered

ACT/SAT Tutoring and Preparation-10th, 11th and 12th grades

Educational Consult Re: School choice, placement, testing.

College Advising and Preparation:

High School Freshman/Sophomore Package:  This package is designed for younger student who want to discuss preliminary college plans and review courses or activities resume. This package consists of 5-7 meetings with additional emails or telephone consultations if necessary. Students who use this package can apply fee towards a more comprehensive package.

Junior Year College Preparation Package: The comprehensive package is an all inclusive package for the junior/senior years. This package begins with two one hour assessments and includes unlimited research, emails, telephone communication and 18-20 meetings.

The process will include, but not limited to:
Assessment of student’s transcripts, course schedule and selection, test scores and activities
Compilation and selection of preliminary lists “best fit” colleges to ensure academic success and social happiness
Development of timetable for applications process, ACT/SAT, FAFSA and Scholarship
Assistance with essay completion and application
Career assessment to further find match in ability, value and skills that will determine the type of colleges that would best suit the student
Extracurricular Planning- sports, community service and clubs
Specific guidelines regarding : application process and deadlines, creating a “resume”, letters of recommendation, activities list, college visits, community service and work experience
Communication with high school and college admissions personnel on students behalf, as needed
Assist with final decision making after acceptance letter have been received
Plan and coordinate college visits.

Senior Year Accelerated Advising Package:  This is an accelerated package for the student with limited time. The student will meet with consultant more frequently in order to build their school list. The senior package includes all the items provided in the comprehensive package, but on a more condensed schedule.

Scholarship Planning and Advisement

Mini-Packages: Essay Writing, Application package.Financial Aid package:  Whether you need help from the beginning or at the end. I will aid with brainstorming a topic through suggestions for editing the final copy.  Using my self-designed formula you will write an essay that works for your application needs.

Financial Aid package:  Because there are various sources and types of financial aid available, your consultant will work with each family to determine if loans, grants, or scholarships are right for you student. Together with your consultant, you will research scholarships and financial aid possibilities at the institutions of your choice.

Hourly rates available depending on time available.

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