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Buying a tablet, points to consider



Tablets in Education – How To Choose?

  • User friendly student interface
  • Dynamic hardware: can it be upgraded with SD cards or usb hardware?
  • Displays all types of content: quickly show photos and videos
  • Standards based:  Check out the common core requirements
  • Easy implementation: want out of the box utility
  • Professional development provided:  is there a rep in your area for inservice training?
  • Classroom management: what about breakage, security and storage?
  • Affordability: more or less than an ipad
  • Supervision and control
  • Built for education: will it run educational aps?

Tablet efforts scrapped in one school district.



In Texas, the 70,000-student Fort Bend school district scrapped a 19-month-old initiative to deliver an interactive science curriculum via iPads issued to students, dubbed iAchieve, after a consultant found that “the program fell short of its mission due to a combination of unrealistic goals, insufficient planning and project management, lack of consistency with existing FBISD curriculum-development standards, and poor contract-management practices.”

Leslie Wilson, the chief executive officer of the Mason, Mich.-based One-to-One Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports districts in implementing 1-to-1 computing programs, said she was dismayed to hear of the setbacks.

“These were absolutely avoidable situations,” Ms. Wilson said, citing research on 12 years’ worth of 1-to-1 programs in more than 2,000 school sites nationwide. “As a school leader, you’ve got to do your due diligence and get a strong foundation in place before you spend a dime on a device.”

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