What’s on Your College Application?

Your application and admissions essay should work together to tell a story of who you are and where you want to go. Ideally, your academic record indicates your interest in a particular career path. Do your extracurriculars, community service and job activities point in any particular direction? It follows that if you take AP English or creative writing, you become involved in school media, volunteer at a community newspaper, or have done an internship in media that your college major might be English or Communications. Admissions officers can decipher that much.

Your personal statement should reflect your desire to use your writing talents in your future career. Your application tells a story that admissions officers can follow. Your passion and ambition make sense. If your academic record shows no direction, your extracurriculars are random, and your community service is lacking, then your personal statement will be the only way to bail yourself out. Lacking a coherent personal statement can be detrimental to your college acceptance. Colleges don’t expect high school seniors to have all the answers but they want to know if your current interests fit well with what they offer.

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