Why hire an Educational Consultant?

An educational consultant is your personal “expert” who helps with the holistic process of college admissions. The consultant is the go-to person for all your college needs: application process, FAFSA, ACT/SAT, scholarships, essay-writing, financial aid, college search, college visits, profile assessment, resume, one-on-one support, activities profile, and representative to the admission’s counselor.

Many students choose to work with a Consultant for the individualized and personalized attention the consultant can offer. As an expert of colleges, a consultant can help families maximize their time and efforts in researching and applying to prospective colleges.
With the competitiveness of college admissions at an all-time high, the time and effort students are now required to put towards the college applications’ process can be overwhelming.

Independent Educational Consultants offer guidance and resources to help students plan ahead and stay on course. The junior and senior years of high school can be some of the busiest times in a student’s life. Hiring a consultant helps alleviate stress and tension, and it frees up the student’s time to enjoy his/her memorable high school years.
Furthermore, guidance counselors carry many roles due to the nature of their jobs. Most spend only a portion of their time devoted to college planning and counseling. College Prep Consultants work with a small group of students per year, allowing ample time to devote towards one-on-one guidance.

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